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This course was written to exist within a Web course management system that offers specific navigation and communications features. In this version, alert boxes reporting the need to debug JavaScript code will be presented due to the custom naviagtion built for the course management tool. Clicking "no" will still allow you to investigate the content in Lessons 1, 3, 5, and 8. Also, the quizzes in these lessons are non-functional in this version.

Course material has been organized into lessons. Each lesson begins with an overview and includes several files of materials for your use. It is usually best to complete each lesson's materials in order because the skills build upon previous ones.

Lesson 1 - Designing Good Web Pages
Lesson 2 - Links, Lists, and Having Something to Say
Lesson 3 - Graphics, Multimedia, and Copyright
Lesson 4 - Getting User Input Through Forms & Styling Pages
Lesson 5 - Page Layout
Lesson 6 - Scripting
Lesson 7 - User Navigation
Lesson 8 - Dynamic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets: A Peek At Advanced Web Development
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Last updated: May 31, 2001